Top King Boxing: Review & Restock!

Top King Boxing Review & Restock!

We are excited to shine the light on the Top King Boxing brand; specifically the new gloves, shins & sets we are offering!

We’ve had Top King Super Air Boxing Gloves in stock for a while now, but they are still a favorite all around training glove.

These gloves make a solid choice for bag work, pad work, & sparring. They are a great mix between a traditional Muay Thai style glove and a western boxing style glove. Top King Gloves offer some wrist support not found in most Muay Thai Gloves, while still allowing for hinge like movement necessary for clinching and catching kicks.

Pillow like padding minimizes the impact you will feel on each punch. The support across the back of the glove will help minimize the impact you feel while blocking. These gloves are easy to break in, and there is room inside the hand compartment for hand wraps.  

The “Super Air” feature uses special mesh fabric strategically placed across the palm and fingers. This provides great ventilation, helps the gloves to dry quickly and keeps odor to a minimum. The rest of the glove is completely constructed of leather. The Velcro closure on Top King Boxing Gloves is strong and durable. The Super Air gloves have a matte finish.

Here are the new models we have with a flashier design:

Let’s take a closer look…

Top King Super Star Boxing Gloves (TKBGSS01) are available in Silver, Gold, Red, or Blue.

Each color fades to black, with a fine silver star pattern across the equipment. The finish is shiny and smooth. The palm of the glove uses matte white leather and black mesh material. The wrist strap uses black matte leather and durable Velcro. Super Star shin guards (TKSGSS01) are also available in the same 4 color combinations. The color begins at the top of the shin, fading to black by the ankle/foot.

Top King Snake Boxing Gloves (TKBGSS02) are available in several colors with a silver or gold snake print.

The Snake Shinguards (TKSGSS02) are available in black or white, with silver or gold snake print. High shine finish and metallic color make this equipment ultra-flashy.

The Top King Empower Creativity design is available on black or white background. Choose from holographic gold or silver tribal design. We stock this design in both gloves (TKBGEM01) and shin pads (TKSGEM01). The metallic design really pop off the otherwise matte finish.

The Top King Empower Gold design is also available in both gloves (TKBGEM02) and shins (TKSGEM02). This style uses the gold holographic design for the entire boxing glove and shin guard. This gold shines bright!

We’re excited to bundle matching Top King shins & gloves to help save you money!

If you’re looking for a brand new set, take advantage of this to save $30 (compared to purchasing gloves and shin pads individually). We currently offer this package for Top King regular color gloves & shins, as well as Super Star, Snake, Empower Creativity, and the Empower gold styles.

If you’ve already got ½ the set and are looking for the matching pair, use this code to save $15 off any Top King Glove or Shinguard: TKBSET

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