Review of K Muay Thai Equipment: K Pads, Focus Mitts, and Belly Pads

Review of K Muay Thai Equipment K Pads, Focus Mitts, and Belly Pads

We’re excited to introduce a full range of K Muay Thai Equipment to the retail market in Canada. K brand is well known in Thailand, their equipment is preferred by authentic Muay Thai trainers and athletes worldwide.

K Brand is a small company in Thailand, notorious for their high quality craftsmanship and designs. Their products are handmade with a meticulous attention to detail.  Despite gaining (well deserved) international recognition and popularity, the company does not mass produce their product so as to maintain the legendary quality they have become known for.

K Thai Pads

K pads are lightweight, yet durable.  They absorb punishment from your fighter so that you don’t have to! These pads maximize comfort for both the trainers and fighters.  Fighters benefit from these pads, constantly praising the high quality leather used. Common feedback from fighters is that these pads provide a soft, non-slapping feel on their shins and feet.

These kick pads have distinctive right/left handles that are effectively angled to provide you with superior wrist support. The single strap model has a unique tapered shape that makes it easier to tuck close to your body while training realistic shots with your fighters.

K Focus Mitts

K Brand Focus Mitts are available in two sizes, small and standard. The hand compartment features individual finger stitching so you have the best dexterity and control while working with these mitts. The small and standard size pads have the same hand compartment pattern, the major difference between the two sizes is the striking surface area. Also, the small size focus mitt uses a white circle target. This feature makes them ideal for training speed and precision drills with your fighters.

The wrist closure is also the same on both sizes of focus mitts. The pin-style closure is highly adjustable to fit your wrist size, and provides an additional layer of support to keep the pads from slipping during speed training.

K Belly Pads

The K belly pad is uniquely shaped to keep a more intense curve compared to other styles of belly pad. This means the pad will stick out a bit father from your stomach, giving it more space to absorb impact from your fighter’s strikes. It is available in 2 sizes, standard and small. The circular striking surface on the small sized belly pad measures approximately 10” wide by 12” high, with additional 4.5” padding surface to the right and left. The standard size belly pad has a slightly larger striking surface than the small size. Both sizes accommodated a wide range of waists. The strong metal buckle and high quality leather keep this belt super durable with continued use.

K Muay Thai Equipment is constructed with Thai weight ranges and professional use in mind. Less experienced pad holders may struggle to use these Thai pads with fighters over 90kgs.

Elite Thai trainers prefer the style and quality of “K’ pads so much that many of them spend their own money to purchase a pair, rather than using the gym’s sponsored brand. Although these cost more than the average pair of Thai pads on the market, the quality, design, and durability are all second to none. The same pair of pads can last through years of professional training.

After trying a pair of K Pads, you’ll agree — nothing else compares!

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