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Windy Boxing Product Online Store Canada

Windy boxing gloves are the most authentic martial arts brand of Thailand. Windy has been manufacturing Boxing equipment since 1951. Windy products show quality, durability and performance.

Combo sports carries Windy Muay Thai boxing gloves in various models and colours. We have both men's and women's gloves. There is the classic series, consisting of an all round black leather boxing glove, these are the favourites of many great Thai boxing champions. Besides competition gloves, we offer a range of training gloves that are tough and durable with a long lifespan.

$ 149.99 CAD
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Kick Shields / Thai Pads

Windy Muay Thai Pads (KP4)

$ 159.99 CAD
$ 119.99 CAD

Muay Thai/Kickboxing

Windy Leather Shin Guards (LPL)

$ 119.99 CAD
$ 109.99 CAD$ 119.99 CAD

Kick Shields / Thai Pads

Windy Muay Thai Pads (KP2)

$ 179.99 CAD