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Twins Product Online Store Canada

Twins Special, made in Thailand, has been skillfully producing Thai boxing gear for well over sixty years. Because of their superior design and craftsmanship, along with their high standard of materials used in production, the reputation of "TWINS" products is well known worldwide. TWINS is currently the leading exporter of Thai boxing gear to the global market.

Combo Sports offers a variety TWINS products including men's and women's Thai boxing gloves, head gear, Thai pads, shin guards and sports bags.

$ 144.99 CAD
$ 79.99 CAD
$ 124.99 CAD

Fitness & Accessories

Twins Convertible Backpack (BAG-5)

$ 117.99 CAD

Kick Shields / Thai Pads

Twins Leather Curved Thai Pads (Velcro)

$ 229.99 CAD
$ 154.99 CAD

Fitness & Accessories

Twins Skipping Rope (SR2)

$ 34.99 CAD
$ 149.99 CAD
Out of stock
$ 109.99 CAD

Groin Protectors & Cups

Twins Traditional Muay Thai Steel Cup

$ 44.99 CAD

Kick Shields / Thai Pads

Twins Leather Thai Pads (Velcro)

$ 229.99 CAD

Ankle Supports

Twins Ankle Support

$ 34.99 CAD