Combinations Sports began in 2007 by filling a niche need for equipment in the Canadian Martial Art Community. Beginning in wholesale with client faced meetings, we truly believe our extensive product knowledge and experience in the field is beautifully complimented by our exceptional customer service standards. 

After establishing a client base, we set up shop in 2009 at a retail location downtown Kitchener, Ontario. This allowed us to display a larger selection of equipment, and to keep up with the rise in popularity of the UFC, we started to carry the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fashion.

We took the next step in extending our customers’ experience soon after by launching our website, allowing them to browse and shop in the comfort of their own home. In September 2014, to accommodate the growing number of Canadians shopping online, we transitioned completely to an online operation. This shift allows us to continue to provide competitive pricing, while maintaining our excellent standard of service.

 “We don’t just sell fight gear, we know fight gear!”